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Product Details
Construction of manual wire threading machine
Product Description:
Construction mesh welding machine technical parameters:
1. The diameter of weldable reinforcement is 3mm~5mm
2. The width and length of the mesh can reach 3.3 meters and 12 meters respectively.
3. Welding speed: 30-40 (platoon/min)
4. The transformer is air-cooled by the exhaust welder.
5. Manual placement of diameter wire, automatic shedding of weft wire.
6. Holes of different sizes can appear on the same web.
7. Adjustable diameter wire hole spacing, weft wire hole spacing input to the computer can reach the hole spacing you get.
8. Adopt synchronous numerical control, the welding time and sub-controlled welding are controlled by numerical control.
9. The welding machine has the characteristics of one time compression and separate control welding.
10. The shift can be divided into nine levels, expanding the range of welding wire diameter.
11. The welding power is electric, and the stepping motor hopper is adopted, the braking motor drives the trolley to send off, and the stepping motor drives the trolley to pull the net.
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