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Product Details
Automatic net winding machine
Automatic Welded Wire Mesh Fence Machine Technical parameters:
1. The width of welding mesh is 1.2m to 2.5m
2. The diameter of welded steel bar is 2mm-4mm
3. Welding mesh length: 40m
4. Number of solder joints: customized according to customer requirements
5. Maximum welding times: 60~75 times/min
6. Welding longitudinal bar spacing: 50-100-150 mm (adjustable)
The main characteristics of wire mesh welded machines are: the vertical line for the disk wire feeding, the horizontal line for the broken wire feeding, can be continuous production of sheet or coil net.
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The main functional structures are: vertical alignment device, vertical positioning mechanism, horizontal line hopper, mechanical pull network mechanism, grid positioning mechanism.
This machine can produce coils 1.2 meters wide and 40 meters long
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