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(EIGA)Electrode induction melting and Inert gas Atomization equipment
(EIGA)Electrode induction melting and Inert gas Atomization equipment
Equipment overview and principle:
  Type:advanced powder material preparation
  Raw material state:stick
  Applicable:production of active and refractory metal or alloy powder materials
  Application of powder materials:additive manufacturing,surface cladding modification of mechanical parts,repair and remanufacturing,etc.
  Principle of EIGA method:under the protection of no crucible and inert gas,the raw material rod is slowly rotated,heated,and melted into a liquid stream in a high-frequency sensor to fall freely.After falling directly into the atomizer,it is subjected to high pressure(supersonic)inert gas The impact is broken into a large number of fine droplets.Then,the small droplets fly to solidify into a spherical powder in the atomizing tower.During the smelting process,the raw materials are not in contact with the crucible and the deflector,so the resulting powder is not contaminated and the chemical purity of the produced product is high.

  1.Using rod as raw material to produce ultra-high purity spherical titanium and alloy powder,can also be used to produce high melting point and other active metal powder
  2.Production of high chemical purity powder materials
  3,low energy consumption
  4.Anti-static explosion-proof design

  Equipment technical parameters
  Total power:100kW
  Atomization mass:4kg/batch(based on pure Ti density)
  Feeding speed:1.Rotation speed 1~30r/min;
  2.Feed rate:1~50mm/min(slow speed adjustable);200mm/min(quick and stable)
  Powder particle size:D50:≥45μm
  Atomizing gas consumption:High purity argon Max 800 Nm3/h
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