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Hot Sell Virgin/Recycled PC Resin/Poly Carbonate

Product Details
Hot Sell Virgin/Recycled PC Resin/Poly Carbonate

1.High quality with low price
2.polycarbonate PC resin
3.fire resistant,impact resistant
4Virgin and recycled type



(1) High strength & Outstanding over-all properties
(2) Good high-temperature resistance
(3) Colorful appearance
(4) Good high-low temperature impact resistance


(1) PC is made into large bulb shade, protective glass, the right and left eyepiece tube of optical instruments.
Also, it is used as the transparent materials in plane.

(2) PC is good insulation, made into insulated connector, coil frame, tube socket, insulating sleeve, telephone
housing and parts, miners lamp battery shell. Also, it is used to make fine parts of communication equipment,
such as CDROM, telephone, computer, video recorder, telephone switches, signal relay. The PC film is used
for capacitors, insulation foreskin, recorder, color video tape. etc

(3) PC can be made into cap, tube, bottle and dental equipment, drug containers and surgical instruments. Even
be used as an artificial kidney, artificial lung and other artificial organs.

(4) For architectural, PC can be made into Doublewall hollow bars, glass of greenhouse. For textile industry,
PC is suitable for making bobbin, textile machine bearing. For daily, PC is good material can be made into
tableware, toys and models.
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