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Eco-Friendly Sound Proof Acoustic Fiber Glass Ceiling

Product Details
Eco-Friendly Sound Proof Acoustic Fiber Glass Ceiling
FG fiberglass acoustic fiberglass (glass wool) ceiling uses high density fiber glass as the main ingredients. This is a premium product with superior acoustic performance, creating a quiet environment. Comes with different shapes and colors.

.Commercial office buildings
.Call Centre
.Open plan office spaces.
.Theatre and home theatres
.Schools and universities
.Auditoriums and concert halls
.Libraries and galleries
.Shopping malls
.Restaurants, café, bars, food halls

.Superior Acoustic effect, up to 0.95 NRC
.Extremely light weight, easy installation
.Simple installation
.Decorative with stylish and modern design.
.Fireproof, Class A
.Moisture resistance RH99
.High strength and long lasting.
.Friendly environment
Size: 600x600,600x1200,600x1500,300x1200,300x1500
Thickness: 15mm, 20mm,25mm,30mm,40mm,50mm
Other size can be customized.
Color can be customized according to RAL Chats.
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