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High Strength Gypsum Ceiling, Plasterboard Ceiling Tiles

Product Details
High Strength Gypsum Ceiling, Plasterboard Ceiling Tiles
The High Strength Gypsum Ceiling is to use high-quality natural gypsum and add a variety of modified admixtures ( precise lightweight, high-strength and water-resistant formula) so that the crystallization parameters of gypsum in the crystallization process are far higher than those of ordinary building gypsum so that the bending resistance of the product (small porosity, dense structure) and moisture-proof performance (built-in waterproof base, forming hydrophobic film) are obvious It has been widely used in modern architectural decoration due to its excellent fire protection rating (class A fireproof, thermal insulation) and environmental protection performance (natural affinity and respiratory function, moderate temperature and humidity adjustment).

Application area:
Office, corridor, museum, exhibition hall, library, town hall, school, hospital, conference room, lecture hall, multi-function hall, piano room, dance room, training room, etc

1. Class A1 fireproof
2. moistureproof, waterproof, no condensation, Antibacterial, mold-proof

3. Size: 600x600 600x1200 200x1200 300x1200 300x1500 400x1200
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