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PIBSA polyisobutylene cas 68909-40-0

Product Details
PIBSA polyisobutylene cas 68909-40-0
PIBSA polyisobutylene cas 68909-40-0
PIBSA1000 is a lubricant additive intermediate prepared from high reactive polyisobutylene (Mn=1000) by thermal adduction process. The ashless dispersant produced from PIBSA1000 possesses fine detergency and favourable low temperature sludge dispersion.
Special features
Free of chlorine
Used for preparation of polyisobutylene diene and polyene succinimide and bononize ashless dispersant.
Used for preparation of emulsifying agents for emulsion explosives.
Used for preparation of processing aids for petroleum chemical plant
polyisobutylene cas 68909-40-0
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