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Product Details
Ceiling Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit
Fan Coil Unit features:
1, Exquisite Structure, pleasing in appearance, reasonable product structure, fire insulation.
2, It has the fine design, light weight and good strength,also easy installation.
3,The effiency is high. Fan coil adopt seamless red Copper Pipe and aluminum blinds-fin . Mechanical expand tubes make sure the Close contact between fin and cooper pipe,reaching he best heat transfer.Before leaving factory strict test is done, so is the 100% pressure leak testing (20 kg/cm2 pressure leak test), to ensure product quality and performance.
4, It is easy to control and owns complete functions.
5, Performance parameters like cooling and heating capacity are measured in the following conditions:
Measured conditions of cooling capacity: DB 27℃ , WB 19.5℃,
Water inlet temperature 7 ℃,water temp. difference between inlet and outlet is 5 degrees.
Measured conditions of heating capacity: DB 21℃ , water inlet temperature is 60 ℃.
water temp. difference between inlet and outlet is10 degrees.
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