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Product Details
Corrugated Fiber Reinforced HDPE Pipe
Shandong Buoy and Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. has introduced the international advanced concept and adopted the pioneering technology to produce the continuous fiber reinforced polyethylene water supply pipe(the blue pipe), which has won the national invention patent. HDPE Pipe is the best water supply pipeline for long-distance and large diameter  (tube diameter 400mm∽4000mm) in China.
The Performance of the China Dredging Pipe:
1. Low cost – the comprehensive cost of the blue pipeline with diameter larger than 1200 mm is at least 20% less than other pipelines in market. 
2. Short construction period - the welding time for one of the blue pipe  interface is 15~25 minutes; the earth excavation work and construction cover area is 50% less than the conventional pipeline, which help reduce the construction compensation greatly;
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