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Product Details
UHMWPE Lined Steel Pipe
UHMWPE lined steel pipe also named high wear resistant PE-steel composite pipe, it is combined by carbon steel UHMWPE pipeline through special technical method, and the diameter of the composite pipe is available from DN200~DN1200.
Benefits of UHMWPE lined Pipe:
1. Bear high pressure, the UHMWPE -steel composite pipe can bear pressure from 5~8 Mpa.
2. High wear resistant ability, amoung all the plastic materials, UHMWPE is the best one for wear resistant ability, cause its average molecular weight is above 1.5million, while the HDPE material is only 0.3~0.5 million, and by test the UHMWPE pipeline is 4 times wear resistant than HDPE pipeline.By lining the UHMWPE pipeline in side the steel pipe, which can increse 6 times wear resistant ability.
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