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UHMWPE Life Escape Pipe
According to the research achievement in anthropometry by its pioneer named A.R.Tilly, a famous America expert, it can be known, when people is moving by crawling, in a relatively comfortable way, normally the crawling height is 800mm, so the diameter of the round pipe should be no less than 800mm for people crawling across the pipeline escape passage. Meanwhile, by considering the real situation in the road tunnel construction site, the outer diameter of the emergency rescue passage should not be too large, or it may effect the construction more seriously, therefore the diameter of the UHMWPE escape pipe produced by our company is DN800mm with a wall thickness in 30mm.    
Characteristics of Life Escape Pipe:
1. when the High Impact Resistance UHMWPE pipe was attacked by a strong outside force, it would deform instantly, but the pipe would return to its original shape by absorbing a huge impact strength.
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