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Product Details
Net &dirt-proof device
Header name: net &dirt-proof device types: LF - X3 specification: 65 mm * 95 mm interface: 4 product material: stainless steel + pa filtration precision: 300 mu m suitable water pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.4 MPa filter configuration: stainless steel filter + msap pressure: 1.6 MPa scale materials: 8 g flow: 9 ~ 16 l/min KDF: no suitable temperature: 5 ~ 55 degrees of water: water quality suitable for 20 t: TDS is less than 600 PPM installation location: terminal water suitable for front: municipal tap water, underground water filter replacement: Cycle 6 months (according to the actual water quality) Product features: 1 microporous stainless steel filter screen, filter out the mud, sand, rust and other impurities in the water; 2 effectively prevent the formation of scale, prevent the production of scale; 3. Food grade scale inhibitor filter material, non-toxic, tasteless and more secure; 4. One-piece filter element, easy to maintain and replace;
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