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Anti-static Rope
Anti-static ropes are made of conductive fiber, polyester and cotton, and have good electrical conductivity, which can make sampling, temperature measurement and water-seizure operation quickly release and disperse the charge generated in the human body, so as to effectively prevent local accumulation of static electricity and prevent static electricity Accident happened. Such as liquid petroleum products storage and transportation process will produce static electricity, with static liquid oil into the container (such as oil tank), so that the liquid surface electrostatic potential rise, this time for sampling temperature water testing and other operations, will induce static electricity Discharge, resulting in a fire accident.

Comply with GB / t12158-2006 General Guidelines for Electrostatic Accident Prevention and other national standards. It is suitable for firecrackers factories, inflammable and explosive places and petrochemical enterprises. The charge generated in the sampling, temperature measurement and water inspection of liquid petroleum products is quickly eliminated and dispersed.It has good conductivity, so as to effectively prevent the local accumulation of static electricity and avoid the occurrence of electrostatic accidents. In accordance with the General Guidelines for the Prevention of Electrostatic Accidents and other standards and regulations, our company has developed and produced an anti-static sampling temperature and water sampling rope suitable for petrochemical enterprises.


1. The resistance value of anti-static sampling rope shall be strictly controlled within the safety range required by national standards.

2. It is made of new conductive fiber and imported conductive fiber, with long service cycle.

3. The anti-static sampling rope has the corona discharge function, which makes the sampling, temperature measurement, water detection and other operations safer.

4. The antistatic sampling rope is soft, light, easy to hit nodes and use.

5. All indicators are stable and meet the requirements of national standards.

6. Surface resistance: 10 ^ 592-10 ^ 7 Ω.


Hang down and fix them in front of the door, people will touch the anti-static rope when entering and exiting, thus guiding the static electricity of human body through the anti-static rope, so as to eliminate the static electricity of human body and achieve good anti-static effect.

Specification: diameter 4mm, 6mm, 8m, 200m /roll
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