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Textured polycarbonate sheet
Textured polycarbonate sheet, known as embossed polycarbonate sheet, is designed with a specific pattern on one side, and smooth surface on another side. It is an excellent choice for obscuring vision, reducing glare, therefore, Polycarbonate embossed sheet is a great option for applications that require visual privacy or where scratches want to be hidden. 
Dilang textured polycarbonate sheet has different patterns like diamond pattern, prism pattern, orange peel pattern, meantime, Dilang textured polycarbonate sheet has different colors like clear, yellow, bronze, green, blue, black to meet different application. Therefore, clients will find the bronze polycarbonate sheet they like.
Dilang textured polycarbonate sheet is a UV coated polycarbonate sheet that offers outstanding impact resistance, which is more than 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than plexiglass/acrylic sheet.
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