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Polycarbonate Diffusion Sheet
Polycarbonate diffusion sheet is the best light diffuser material. It is called "light diffuser sheet, light diffuser panel, polycarbonate diffuser sheet, and led light diffuser film". 
The polycarbonate diffuser sheets can be used as led light diffuser cover, led diffuser panel, lamp diffuser sheet. You can find it at home, office, the billboard at the airport, subway station, and some public area. It helps you get soft and comfortable light because it offers efficient and excellent diffusion property.
The common color is opal or white, but other colors are available, like orange, blue. The surface can be flat and texture.
The polycarbonate led light diffuser sheet offer outstanding impact resistance, good fireproof rating and more than 10 years of lifespan.
LED is energy efficient and permanent light sources, how to get the soft and comfortable light? 
Dilang polycarbonate diffuser sheet will help you. Polycarbonate diffuser sheet, known as light diffuser sheet, polycarbonate diffuser, it is made up of the high-quality polycarbonate raw materials and the advanced diffusion materials. It keeps the same properties of polycarbonate sheet, and improves optical penetration, diffuses the LED light source on light diffuser sheet evenly. It can meet your security and safety expectations.
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