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AL 6063
AL 6063
Aluminum Extrusion 6063 5% attachment.
SPEC :  ISRI Code: 6063. Scrap from window frames, door frames. 
Scrap will be from: Post Consumer, Post Industrial, or etc. Scrap will be “Free of Dirt, Other foreign metals, Wood, Gum, Grease, Oil and not radioactivity, etc
ORIGIN :  Japan.
QTY AVAILABLE     :  200MT Ready to load.
PRICE :  Give us your price offer along with your destination port.

We AMARL, Advanced Metals and Alloys Recovery Limited dealing in Ferrous, Non Ferrous and paper Scrap. 

We do all grades of ferrous scrap metals that comply with ISRI specifications. We have Ferrous Scrap such as HMS 1&2 Scrap, PNS Scrap, Shredded 211 Scrap, Busheling Scrap, Turnings Scrap etc. 

We sell Aluminium that comply with ISRI specifications such as Tense, Taint/Tabor, Twitch, Alloy Wheel (Troma), ACSR, Zorba, UBC Clean, UBC Dirty, Bottle top, Extrusion – 6063 (Tread) – Clean OR with 2% / 5% Attachments, Radiator  (Tally), Aluminium Scrap Wires (Talon/Taste ), Turnings Scrap etc. 

We are looking for Reliable & Potential buyers, business partners with standard procedures. We would love to explore opportunities to cooperate together and hopefully build a strong scrap business relationship with your company and we are contactable on anytime.
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