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CE certified K-SB30 Isolated Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer

Product Details
CE certified K-SB30 Isolated Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer
CE certified K-SB30 Isolated Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer
Standard: EN13794 (Directive 89/686/EEC).
CE certificates No.: EPT 0477.PPE.19/3073.1

•Chemical oxygen self-rescuer supply the wearer with oxygen which is generated from a chemical (KO2). In a closed circuit the exhalation air of the user is regenerated and enriched with oxygen. The carbon dioxide and humidity of the exhalation air react with the chemical, whereby carbon dioxide is removed and oxygen is generated.
•They are respiratory protective device for self-rescue which functions independently of the ambient atmosphere, protects the wearer during gas outbursts, fires and after explosions against toxic gases and oxygen deficiency while escaping or waiting for rescue.
•Anti-fog goggles protect the user against dust, irritating vapors produced in emergency.
•Moisture indicator to check and determine the good condition of equipment.
•Anti-static and shock-resistant.
•Metallic cover protects the bottom of self-rescuer.
•Ergonomically system with waist, with stainless steel buckles, by mean of belt to regulate as the user wants.

Main specification
Type nameK-SB30
Protective duration of walking at moderate speed≥30 min
Protective duration at rest≥90 min
Inhalation temperature≤50°C
Max surface temperature during use200 °C
Size (L×W×H)(202×119×191)mm
Weight (kg)2.2
Effective Life
In carrying5 years
In storage10 years

Packaging information
Carton size(paper carton)440×415×240
Packing quantity6PCS
Gross weight15.4kg
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