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Cocoly brand fertilizer SGS granular water soluble

Product Details
Cocoly brand fertilizer SGS granular water soluble
Cocoly brand fertilizer SGS granular water soluble
Cocoly brand fertilizer SGS granular water soluble
Cocoly brand fertilizer SGS granular water soluble
Cocoly brand fertilizer SGS granular water soluble
Cocoly is the first granular water soluble fertilizer which is abundant in nutrition and is fully soluble.It contains all nutritive elements required by plants in their whole growth cycle and the rate of absorption and utilization can be up to above 90%.
Product Description
VarietyGranular water-soluble fertilizer
AppearanceShape:2-5mm granular;Color:Brown
CompositionN (total Nitrogen):15%,  P(total P2O5):3%,  K (total K2O):5%
Specially addZTDH - Fulvic Acid Original Powder;
ZTDH - Polymeric Acid Substance (PAS) ;
ZTDH - Molasses Fermentation Solubles (CMS);
ZTDH - Polyaspartic Acid (PASP);
ZTDH - Poly Glutamic Acid(PGA);
ZTDH - Rooting Powder;
ZTDH - Bacillus cereus;
ZTDH - Bacillus subtilis;
Micro Elements
ApplicationDrip irrigation;
Flush irrigation;
Broadcast fertilization;
Base fertilizer

Obvious Effect
UsageThis product is suitable for all kinds of crops, especially vegetables, melons and fruits, the planting of fruits trees and nursery flowers, etc.
Efficiency1-Nitrogen-conserving, phosphorus absorption promotion and potassium supplement
2-Improvement of absorption and utilization of crops
3-Root growing and strengthening
4-Flower retention and fruit growth acceleration
5-Balance of PH value in soil
6-Disease resistance and premature senescence resistance
DosageFoliar application:Dilute it with water as 1:800 to 1:1000 according to the practical condition;
Fertigation (through drip irrigation,flood irrigation):Dilute it with water as 1:50 to 1:100.
The application may be repeated 7-12 days interval through the growing season.

Cocoly fertilizer and its functions at eight key stages of plant growth
1-Nursery period:Avoid damping off and other disease in this period.Keep uniform strong seedlings without over-growth.
2-After transplanting:Recover fast, no dead seedlings, avoid soil-borne diseases.
3-Vegetative period:Short internode, thick strong stems, thick leaves, balanced vigor, disease resistance.
4-Flowering period:Early flowering, good bud differentiation, big and bright flowers, high flowering ratio, less falling flowers.
5-Fruit setting period:High fruit setting rate, and prevent malformed fruits.
6-Expanding period:Fast expanding, uniform fruit size, high organics content, uniform maturity.
7-Color transfer period:Uniform and bright color, good taste, prevent sunburn and abnormal fruit.8-Harvest period:High yield and sugar content, big single size, late aging, stores well.
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