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HF Edge Glue Press
HF Edge Glue Press
HF Edge Glue Press
HF Edge Glue Press
HF board edge glue press is newly designed woodworking machine by Shijiazhuang Huas Jiyuan High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. It is of PLC control, high frequency heating, advanced automatic control and high efficiency. The main technical data is among international leading standards & ideal for wood jointing.
HF board edge glue press includes: Controller, High frequency generator, Hydraulic press, Hydraulic system, Feeding and discharging table.
Controller: With PLC as its center, gives instruction to HF generator, hydraulic system, hydraulic press, and fulfills the desired task.
HF generator: Unit to generate high frequency power.
Hydraulic press: Unit to work on the wood material
Hydraulic system: Unit to provide power to the hydraulic press
Feeding and outlet table: Feeding and getting the wood material
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