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Auto Fakra Antanna Adapter Cable
Auto Fakra Antanna Adapter Cable
FAKRA Connectors and Cable Assemblies support applications that require a high-performing, reliable, and cost-effective RF connector. FAKRA connectors are standard SMB Connectors embedded within a special inter-locking plastic housing that uses multiple color-codes for easy identification and mating, and are designed to perform up to 4GHz at 50 Ω.
characteristic impedance: 50Ω
Temperature range: -45℃~+85℃
(The lower end of the wiring cable shall prevail)
Design structure and technical parameters:
RF coaxial connector: FAKRA SMB connector
Inner conductor: Brass,Gold-plated
Insulating medium: PTFE
Outer conductor: Brass, Nickel-plated
Electrical and mechanical properties: characteristic impedance: 50Ω
Frequency range: 0-4GHz
Medium Pressure: 1000V (60s)
Contact Resistance:
Inner conductor≤6mΩ Outer Contact≤1mΩ Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ V.S.W.R≤1.3 (DC-4GHz)
Insertion loss:≤-15dB(0-4GHz)
Connectors mechanical life: ≥500 cycles
(frequency 12 cycles/MIN)
RF coaxial cable: RG174
Material: Inner conductor: Bare copper (7/φ0.16±0.003mm)
Dielectric: PE(φ1.52±0.05 mm)
Outer conductor:
Bare copper braided wire(80*φ0.10 mm)
Jacket: PVC(φ2.8±0.10 mm)
Physical electrical performance
Min Bent radius: 30mm
Max voltage: 1500 VMS
Temperature scope: -20℃~+80℃
Component overall specification requirements
Connector surface coating is uniform, no copper exposure, scratch (slight scratch is allowed but the metal under the coating shall not be exposed), oxidation, fracture, insulation deformation and other phenomena.
The cable is flat, smooth and without damage. No serious scratch is allowed.
Cable assemblies
The surface of the cable assembly shall be clean, free from dirt and bruises; Welding should be flat, no cracking, copper exposure and other phenomena; Reliable welding.
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