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Transformer Winding Wire Machine
Transformer Winding Wire Machine
Transformer Winding Wire Machine
Transformer Winding Wire Machine
Transformer Winding Wire Machine
The equipment is mainly composed of main box, base, rear tailstock and electrical control.


High and low voltage power transformer winding machine is suitable for winding of reactors, high and low voltage coils of power transformers and other similar coils.

Feature of Machinery

1, The mechanical transmission part of the winding machine is set in the bedside box, and the transmission part is installed on the operating side of the bedside box. High and low spindle speed change with variable speed handle

2, The winding machine uses a frequency converter to achieve stepless speed regulation, smooth starting and constant torque.There are three positions for adjusting the shifting handle: low speed, neutral, high speed; set the number of laps, and automatically stop.

3, The machine is equipped with an automatic brake device to prevent reverse when the winding is stopped.

4, The machine can preset the number of coil turns to control the forward and reverse rotation; the electronic reversible counter has a forward and reverse counting accuracy of 1/10 turns, and has a power failure memory function.

5, The button station is controlled centrally, and the start and stop of the spindle faceplate is controlled by a foot switch or a key.

Technical description:

1, The main box is composed of a box body, a transmission system, a shifting handle, and a motor. The two-stage machinery of the headstock has step-variable speed control and the stepless speed regulation of the variable-frequency motor constitutes the joint speed regulation system of the host, which makes the entire equipment start-up process stable and the braking accurate and reliable. The motor torque is decelerated and amplified by the headstock to provide winding torque. There are 2 gears for mechanical speed change, each step is variable frequency stepless speed regulation.

2, Rail and tailstock part

The tailstock is integrated with the main box, and is mainly composed of a tailstock and a guide rail. The tailstock can be manually moved axially on the guide rail of the base to meet the needs of wire molds of different lengths. By turning the hand wheel, the back top can be extended or retracted, which is convenient for moving the mold up and down and improving the strength. The locking handle can lock the idler roller and tighten the coil to support its weight.

3, Electronic control system

The electric control system consists of electric control cabinet, inverter, electronic counter, foot switch and other electrical appliances. The speed of the spindle is controlled by the inverter. The counter can count forwards and backwards, and has a power-off memory and automatic stop function after setting the number of turns. The electronic counter value range of 0-9999 turns is operated by the foot switch to operate the entire winding process.
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