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UHP Graphite Electrode
Low Consumption Rates UHP Graphite Electrode
UHP Graphite Electrode
Designed primarily for use in electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces, our UHP graphite electrodes aremade of premium needle cokes in a process that includes strict grading, mixing, molding, double baking,high pressure impregnating and fine-matching.
Model Number:SY-UHP500
Grade:UHP(Ultra-high power)
Resistance((μΩ.m): 5.5
Bulk Density(g/cm³ ): 1.66
Flexure Strength (≥, MPa): 11
Elastic Modulus (≤, GPa): 14
Ash Content (≤, %): 0.3
CTE(≤, 10-6/°C): 1.4
Low Consumption Rates UHP Graphite Electrode Material: Domestic needle coke/Imported Needle Coke
High Quality graphite electrode EATURE
Outstanding electrical conductivity
Low consumption rates
Highly flexible strength and Bending Strength
Graphite electrode are used primarily in electric arc furnace steel manufacturing. It can provide high levels of electrical conductivity and capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of generated heat, and also used in the refinement of steel and similar smelting processes.
DC electric arc furnace
AC electric arc furnace
Submerged arc furnace
Ladle furnace
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