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Product Details
Dutch Weave Wire Mesh
Dutch Weave Wire Mesh
Dutch Weave Wire Mesh
Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

Product Details
Dutch woven wire cloth or wire mesh is also known as filter wire cloth due to its popular application in filter industries.

Materials for Dutch Weave Wire Cloth: Quality stainless steel wire 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.

Typical Weaving Patterns: Dutch plain, Dutch twill, Dutch reverse.

Applications: Filtering and screening in airspace, oil and chemicals.

MeshWire DiameterWeave
12x640.0230.580.01650.42Plain Dutch
14x880.0190.480.0120.30Plain Dutch
14x1100.0160.400.0110.28Plain Dutch
24x1100.0140.3550.0100.25Plain Dutch
30X1500.0090.230.0070.18Plain Dutch
40X2000.0070.180.00550.14Plain Dutch
50X2500.00550.140.00450.11Plain Dutch
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