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Product Details
Self-climbing Placing Boom
Self-climbing Placing Boom
1.Equipped with self-clibing frames which are driven by hydraulic cylinders and which clibm up automatically from the present floor to the desired floor along the holes initially prepared in floors or elevator well. The placing booms rise with the rising floor, saving time and labor.
2.One rising of the placing boom can meet the requirements of concrete placing for two floors.
3.If thr floor is large size, it is advisable to have several tower bodies mounted on the floor so that only one boom--assembly is needed to be lifted to mate to the tower bodies, thereby saving boom--assemblies and cost.
4.compact design, easy operation. reliable safety and suitable for the construction of high buildings.
We can also supply Mobile Placing Boom and Stationary Placing Boom, if you need , you can call or email us at any time.
Horizontal reach17242832
End-hose length3
Elevation angle -4 to 90
Hydraulics output5.51118.5
Mode of driveFully hydraulic
Mode of operationRadio/cable/control panel
Pipeline diameter125
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