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Product Details
Building hoists with middle speed
Building hoists with middle speed
SC hoist is vertical transport machinery for building materials and personnel, driving with pinion and rack,  applies to engineering of high rise. SC hoist is equipped with reliable electrical and mechanical safety device. Middle Speed Building Hoist is an efficient and safety vertical transporting equipment.

The hoist can be installed and disassembled very easily and can also be heightened with the constant increase of building, According to customers' requirements, the cage can be single or double. The single cage building hoist can become a double cage building hoist by adding one cage and other components. The payload can be doubled if equipped with counterweight to meet different customers' requirements.
We have rich experience in the R&D and manufacturing of Construction Hoists. All of our building hoist are made under strict quality control and management system in our factory. It includes Fixed Speed Building Hoist, Low, Middle, High Speed Building Hoist.
The product has following features:
1. The safety device is very complete and reliable, the anti-drop safety device with national patent technology makes this product more safe.
2. The driving mechanism is placed on the top of the cage, which enhances the interior space and brings great convenience to operation and transportation.
3. The SC building hoist is standardized and modularized. It can also be different with the most reasonable configuration to meet the different needs of customer.
4. Simple circuit of electronic control system makes an easy and reliable operation and maintenance.
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