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Product Details
Storage Cabinet
·Touch Screen: Using a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, beautiful and generous. Android system; easy to operate; simple, strong and elegant.
·Card: School IC card, access control system or parking lot RF IC card can be registered as the smart card key card. One card supports multiple locker access.  Strong extension function. (optional)
·Face recognition: Face recognition storage, brush face to open cabinet to storage or take the object. Using a face to support multi-box access is convenient and safe.
·Fingerprint Identification: Fingerprint identification storage, fingerprint opening storage and taking objects, convenient and safe (optional).
·WeChat Mobile Phone: Access to items through WeChat, remote unlock and view unlocking records (optional).
·Local Management: The administrator can enter the management menu by entering the management password. The administrator can realize all operations on the intelligent locker.
·Emergency Unpacking: Once disconnection or electric lock is faulty, the administrator can open the emergency unpacking lock and manually unpack the box.
·Beautiful and Energy-saving: very low standby power consumption (≤ 10W).
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