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Flight Case
·Charging Mode of High-grade rugged custom equipment charging case
Adopt smart charging simulation mode to automatically identify all mainstream USB charging devices to ensure fast charging. The built-in three charging simulation profiles correspond to the three major charging protocols: BC1.2 DCP charging protocol, Apple charging protocol, Samsung TAB charging protocol. The polling mode is combined with the high-precision current monitoring function to ensure that the charging protocol of the corresponding charging device is correctly identified.
·Charging & sync indicator:
The red and green two-color indicator lights indicate the current state of charge of the device. The red light indicates charging. The green light indicates full. The red and green alternately flashes to indicate the data synchronization state. And the orange light (red and green simultaneously bright) flashes rapidly to indicate an over current fault. The indicator light off indicates that the device is not connected.
·Current monitoring:
Built-in high-precision current monitoring to monitor the charging current of each port in real time.
·Synchronous switching:
Each port can enter the synchronization state independently. Through the PC, any port can be operated in batches for charging and synchronization switching.
·Centralized control:
Only one USB cable is required between the module and the PC to control the switching of each charging port, the synchronous charging state switching and the charging current of each port on the PC side.
Over-current protection is supported. When the externally charged device or USB cable is abnormally short-circuited, the abnormal port will automatically turn off the cut-off voltage output, which will not affect the charging of other normal ports.
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