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Product Details
2-in-1 Dehumidifying Dryer
AMD-25K/60H AMD-50K/60H AMD-150K/90H AMD-75K/90H AMD-100K/90H AMD-100K/120H AMD-150K/120H
AMD-150K/150H AMD-200K/150H AMD-200K/200H AMD-300K/200H AMD-400K/300H AMD-500K/400H AMD-600K/500H
AMD Series Two-in-One Dehumidifying-Dryers combined the function of honeycomb dehumidifier, hopper dryer into one single unit. This Dehumidifying Dryer machine is specialized used for the production of "hygroscopic engineering plastic" products, such as PA, PC, PBT, ABS, PMMA etc. Under an ideal condition, the machine can supply drying air with dewpoint lower than -40°C.The machine is characterized with nice appearance the patent for chain-wheel transmission design, advanced technology, reliable performance.
Reasonable structure with nice appearance, easy to repair and maintain.
Suitable to high hygroscopic engineering plastic material.
Stainless steel drying hopper with high heating efficiency.
Total enclosed type material conveying system, keep material away from pollution and moisture.
High precision P.I.D temperature controller, supply a high accuracy drying and regeneration temperature.
Integration of dehumidifying, drying, and two stage conveying functions in a single unit.
Fixed with wheels, easy to move.
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