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QLB-X series tower type asphalt plant
QLB-X series tower type asphalt plant
Main Structure of tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant
The use of 4-5 batching buckets can effectively control the primary distribution of aggregates; according to the specifications of aggregate materials used in China at present, asphalt mixing plant is possible to produce asphalt mixtures of different grades without the need of material size changing during production. 
The lifting plate of the drying drum adopts special energy-saving design, the temperature of the exhaust gas of the drying drum is 90-100 °C during production (the water vapor does not condense at this temperature, which ensures the air permeability of filtering bag and effectively provides the utilization of heat energy. , so as to reduce fuel consumption); the dryer is also equipped with a heavy &residual burner, which can burn any current fuel that of low quality with safety and efficiency, reducing the cost of user.
Hot aggregate elevator adopts double chain design to make the elevator run more smoothly. Asphalt plant is equipped with reducer with brake motor, effectively solving the blocking phenomenon caused by reversing rotation due to sudden shutdown caused by power failure or other reasons during normal production.
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