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Emitters deliver a consistent output of water, even with changes in pressure due to long drip tubing runs or changes in elevation.Water Conservation -an efficient watering by suppl...
Applicable scope:Widely used for irrigating lawn, nursery, backyard, flowers, trees, orchard, garden, greenhouse, etc.Make water atomization, the formation of water mist, then the temperature will be reduced.
The high-quality connector used in agricultural applications to ensure the water flow from PE main pipe to thin-walled driplines. Sealing rubber is required for connection with the main pipe.
BrandDINGYANGTagsIrrigation Mini Valve
1. Quick, efficient, and professional response within 24 hours, 14 hours of online services.2. 10 years of manufacturing experience in the agriculture field.3. Technical support and solution by the chief engineer.
BrandDINGYANGTagsIrrigation Mini Valve
Electrofusion/butt fusion pe fitting working in industry1. It is used for connecting pipes of all specification which have the different SDR system2. It possesses reliable connecti...
The Y filter is an attractive and economic solution for Landscape application as well as Municipal application. It varies from a small size of ¾” to large size of 2-1/2″. By utilizing the Y shape, will fit most of the installation infield.
BrandDINGYANGTagsFilter Y type
The screen filter is usually installed between the water pump and the main hose. Its function is to protect the dripper inline from rust, sand, and other impurities that may clog them.
BrandDINGYANGTagsFilter T type
Features and BenefitsHydraulic Control ValveLine Pressure DrivenHydraulic controlled On/off.
BrandDINGYANGTagsElectric Pressure Sustaining
Double Wall bellows is a new type of lightweight pipe made of high-density polyethylene. It has the characteristics of light weight, high pressure resistance, good toughness, fast construction and long service life.
BrandDINGYANGTagsDouble Wall bellows
PP clamp saddle is specially designed for tapping connections from Service Main. Clamp Saddles have quite different structures and are consist of two parts, (Base and Upper Part). Both pieces are made of Polypropylene.
BrandDINGYANGTagsDouble Clamp Saddle
90 Degree Elbow Lateral Threaded Female Take OffPN16COD. 201525mmX25mmX1/2″, 32mmX32mmX1/2″, 32mmX32mmX3/4″.Dingyang’s main products are ppr pipes and fittings,pp compressi...
BrandDINGYANGTagsCompresion fitting
Product Specification:Connect size: 1/2&3/4 inch male thread1/2&3/4 inch female threadWork Pressure: 1.0-3.0kgSpray radius: approx. 4-5mFlow Rate: 400-600 L/HSpray direction: 360 degrees.
The model is a sprinkler made of plastic and is considered a medium flow sprinkler with a male or female 3/4″ connection. With two nozzles, the main 25º and the secondary also 25° but slotted for a short radius.
Big gun sprinkler features excellent uniformity, long-lasting dependability, and is made for commercial agriculture. Operates in both full circle part circle mode Water cannon long-range sprinkler for irrigation.
Easy-use, low discharge and economical arrow dripper, suitable for watering the plant in pots, made from high quality raw material, UV protection and anti-aging, can be used for several seasons.
BrandDINGYANGTagsBend Dripper Arrow
Barbed Coupling, Barbed couplingSize: 16×16mm20×20mm16×20mmMaterial: PP.
BrandDINGYANGTagsBarbed Coupling
APPLICATIONS:Especially recommended when precise capacity is required, on the unlevel ground and where self-compensating drippers are necessary.RAW MATERIALS:Insert and cap made of anti-UV stabilized polypropylene.
Designed to efficiently extract air trapped in pipes, filters, tanks, and other places where unwanted air might cause performance problems.The release valves are located at the out...
BrandDINGYANGTagsAir valve
Pipeline Filling:During the filling process of a pipeline, high airflow is forced out through the kinetic orifice of the air valve.Once water enters the valve’s chamber, the float buoyed upwards causes the kinetic orifice to close.
BrandDINGYANGTagsAir valve
distance between two journal centers1905-2007mmaxle journal length187-305mmdust collar length44-79mmlength of wheel seat192-198mmaxle journal diameter100-180mmwheel seat diameter155-241mmaxle body diameter138-215mmalxe load/t12-35t.
BrandDINGYANGTagsGantry Crane Wheels