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Quicklock System Scaffolding for structuring buildings and in the construction industry., which consists of standard, ledger, diagonal brace, base jack, side bracket, toe bards, stairs and planks.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffold, Quick Lock Scaffold, Building Scaffolds, Formowrk Scaffolding
Scaffold coupler for JIS Standard Pipes Pressed Steel Clamps. Building construction used galvanized tube fittings.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffold, Coupler, Scaffold Clamps, JIS Couplers, Tube Clamps
Aluminium plywood platform with hooks for scaffolding workings. Aluminum frame with anti-skid wooden boards for safe building construction scaffolding works.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffold Aluminium Platform, Aluminum Plywood Plank, Aluma Boards
Aluma beam for slab formwork with Greater strength to weight ratio than steel or woodVersatile enough for all concrete forming needsPlastic nailer-strip can last four times longer ...
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsAluma Beam, Formwork Aluminium Beam, Constuction Alu Beam
This step stair ladder is made from Galvanized steel plank and GI tubes with hooks. Size of the step ladder stairs is customized according to different system scaffolding and horizontal distance between each vertical or frames.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffold Stairs System Scaffold Step Ladders Construction Stair Case
Ringlock Standard in package waiting for loading at Wellmade Scaffold warehouse.Ringlock Standard is a part of the system ringlock scaffold. Vertical tube for shoring support, made from 48.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsRinglock Scaffold, Ringlock Standard, Ringlock System, Building Construction Shoring Post
Adjustable Caster Wheel with Screw Tube for mobile scaffolding. Mobile Scaffold Adjustable Caster Wheel 48mm Tube Heavy Duty.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsAdjustable Scaffold Caster Wheel, Mobile Scaffolding Wheels, Caster Wheels with Screw Tube
Construction Scaffolding caster wheels for mobile scaffolding, made from Rubber and PU materials. Robust caster wheels with double brake to stable working platform.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffold, Caster Wheels, Mobile Wheels, Construction Wheels, Industry Wheels
H frame set formwork is handy to have on any large build as stability of your structure is always paramount.Steel H Frame Scaffold is utilized for many builds across the country ...
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffold Frame, H Frame, Hi-Load Frame, Heavy-duty Scaffold Frame
C60 shoring systems is multi-directional&multi-level heavy-duty shoring equipment to support all types of heavy structures. Crab 60 system scaffolding is prefabricated modular scaf...
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsCrab 60 Scaffold, Shoring System Scaffold,C60 Horizontal Ledger, C60 Diagonal Brace
Scaffold Caster Wheels with adjustable screw tube for mobile scaffolding tower. PU Iron Caster Wheels with double brakes to stable scaffolding working platform.Heavy-duty adjustable screw jack caster wheels for scaffolding towers.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsCaster Wheels Adjustable Screw Jack Caster Wheels Heavy-duyt Caster Wheels, PU-Iron Caster Wheels
This side bracket is made from angle iron instead of tubular steel. It holds around the same amount of weight as the tubular steel but is more durable.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffold Side Bracket, Angle Iron Bracket, Scaffolding Hop-up Brackets
Scaffold steel pallet for scaffolding parts loading and transferring.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffolds, Steel Rack, Steel Pallet, Steel Stillages, Scaffold Steel Cage
Construction scaffolding system. Walking access steel boards and steel toe board for Allround scaffolding system. Ringlock scaffolding parts assembly: standard, ledger, toe boards, steel platform.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsRinglock, Scaffold, Multidirectional Scaffold, Steel Boards, Ringlock Toe Board, Ringlock Skirting Boards, Scaffold Access Platform
Cuplock Omega Hop-up Brackets, One Board&Two Boards&Three Boards Brackets.Cuplock is the most popular scaffolding system in the world. In common with other ‘system scaffolding’...
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsCuplock Omega Brackets, Cuplock Hop-up Brackets, Scaffold Side Brackets
Metal Catwalk Scaffold Plank with Hooks for system scaffolding, which can be used with both 42mm&48mm system scaffolding. Galvanized metal planks have a good surface treatment which can prevent corrosion for a long work life.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffoldCatwalk, WalkThroughFrameBoards,SteelDeck,ScaffoldAccessBoards
190mm width Scaffold Boards with U-Type Hooks match with U-Transom for Ringlock Scaffolding. 190mm steel boards also known as Infill boards to cover the gap between ledgers and planks, which make the working platform more safe.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsRinglcok Steel Plank, 190mm Infill Boards, U-Hook Scaffold Platform
Construction V-Shore Frame Scaffolding also known as H-Frame for heavy-duty building formwork, most popular size in 1.22m/1.83m/2.13m height and 1.22m width.V-Shore Frame Scaffoldi...
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffold V-Shore Frame, Scaffolding H-Frame, Formwork Frame, Construction Frame
Galvanized Scaffold racks are used for packing & storing scaffolding components, and easy for heavy scaffolding transferring.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffold Pallet, Steel Rack, Steel Stillage, Steel Storage,Scaffold Basket
Kwikstage is the most widely used scaffolding system in South Africa, with benefits such as strength, ease of transportation, and erection. It is also a very cost-effective scaffolding solution.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsKwikstage Scaffold, SA Kwikstage, Quickstage Scaffolding