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Diagonal brace for system Crab 60 frame scaffolding, made from high strength steel structure tube and drop forged pin and wedge for strong construction working.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsScaffold Crab60 Frame Scaffold Crab System Scaffold Bay Brace
Construction scaffold catwalk is the main parts of scaffolding system, a lateral pipe frame, which is hooked onto the main frame. They are laid across the section of scaffolding to...
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsSteel Catwalk, Steel Plank, Scaffold Boards, Steel Scaffold Boards
Snap-on scaffold frame cross brace fits snap-on style scaffold frames with four locks.Tubular galvanized steel cross braces. Fits Safeway-style, Waco-style and Big Jax-style scaffolding frames.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffold Brace , Frame Cross Brace, Scaffold Digonal Brace
A fixed ninety degree, rigid coupling used for connecting two 48.3mm tubes at right angles.This heavy duty fitting is designed for use in all types of scaffolding construction and also in lighting rigs, staging and guard rails.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffold Double Coupler Fixed Coupler Construction Materials Righ Angle Coupler
Steel scaffold ladder for system scaffolding ringlock, heavy-duty type access steel ladder mostly used in building construction sites, such as industrial, oil, and gas projects.Lay...
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffold Ladder Steel Construction Ladder
Mason Frame Scaffolding is a component of mobile scaffold tower for Construction, building, and Industrial Construction.Wellmade Scaffold provides a range of frame scaffold.includes walk through frame, pedestal and canopy frames.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsConstruction Scaffold Frame Building H Frame Flip Lock Scaffold Frame
Scaffolding Walkthrough frames are used to create an unimpeded walkway along the entire length of a structure and at intermidate levels of a scaffold configuration. At 6'4", a man ...
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffold Frame WalkThrough Frame Snap-on 3'*6'8'' Frame
The kwikstage scaffolding system remains a leading choice for access scaffolding in Southern Africa. As a component for Kwikstage system scaffolding, hook on Ladders provide a safe means of moving between platforms.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsConstruction Steel Scaffold Kwikstage Hook-on Ladder Stairs Ladder
Trap doors allow an access point for the hook-on ladders which is used to close the gap on the platform once the worker has reached his desired height.There 2 trapdoor and 3 trapdoor to fit different specification requirements.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsKwikstage Scaffold Trap Door Boards Kwikstage Accessories
Kwikstage Internal Corner Frame is used to fill in the gap in eternal corners when stage board brackets are used.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagskwikstage internal corner boards internal corner frame
Toe baord brackets also known as toe board clips are Clamped to the standard with a captive wedge to hold the batten toe board vertically in place.
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagskwikstage toe board clip quickstage toe board bracket kwikstage scaffold
Cuplock scaffold omega transoms made from high grade galvanized steel, with an inverted T section to provide seating for Cuplok OMEGA Battens.Cuplock scaffolding is the most popular scaffolding system in the world.
BrandWellmadeTagsCuplock Ledger Cuplock Omega Transom Construction Materials
Joins 48 O.D. scaffold tube standards end to end internally. Fits inside scaffold tubes.Expands to fit internal diameter of scaffold tube when bolt tightened.Tightening bolt suits standard Scaffold Spanner.
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsJoint Pin Coupler Inner Scaffold Coupler Tubular Fitting Clamp
Kwikstage Scaffold System Transoms are the transverse horizontal load bearing members of the scaffold. Made from two lengths of 50mm X 50mm angle iron welded back to back forming a...
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffold Kwikstage Transom Quick Stage AS1576 Transom
The Kwikstage Standards form the support or the uprights and are made from High Strength Structural Scaffold Tubes of 48.3 x 4 mm thick. They have a series of "V" pressed welded at...
BrandWellmadeScaffoldTagsScaffold Kwikstage Standard Construction Standard AS1576 Kwikstage Post Vertical
Construction cuplock system scaffolding ledger made from OD48.3*3.2mm high strength structural steel tube with two blades drop forged or cast.Wellmade scaffold cuplock system is ce...
BrandWellmadeTagsCuplock Scaffolding Ledger Scaffolding Cuplock Horizontal
Formwork Concrete Form Tie Rod is made from high strength steel grade raw material in sizes of 15/17mm diameter for construction concrete dywidag, shuttering. D15(15/17mm) tie rod ...
BrandWellmade ScaffoldTagsFormwork Tie Rod Scaffolding Tie Bar Concrete Thread Dywiday Rebar
AS 1576 Kwikstage construction scaffolding ledger to Australia supplied on concrete projects, mostly used on commercial, industrial, residential maintenance.Kwikstage ledger used w...
BrandWellmadeTagsScaffolding Kwikstage AS1576 Ledger Quick Stage Horizotal
Scaffolding solid screw jack also called adjustable base jack, as a component construction materials, mostly used with system scaffolding, such as ringlock scaffold, cuplock scaffold, kwikstage scaffold, frame scaffold.
BrandWellmadeTagsScaffolding Base Jack, Steel Screw Jack, Adjustable Jack, Leveling Base Jack
EN12811 Cuplock system scaffolding includes: standard, ledger, brace, omega transom, base jack, u-head jack, steel boards, brackets.Cuplock scaffolding structure mostly used on ind...
BrandWellmadeTagsCuplock Scaffolding Construction Cuplock Components System Scaffolding