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Yoobond aluminum panel is made of aluminum sheets treated with PVDF coating. It is mainly applied to building metal curtain wall, exterior wall decoration, metal roof metal ceiling, interior decoration.
BrandYOOBONDTagsFlat Aluminum Solid Sheets
YOOBOND copper aluminium composite panel is produced by two metal sheets, front side with copper sheet while back side with aluminum for architectural façade cladding,especially ...
BrandYOOBONDTagsCopper Composite Panels
YOOBOND this Metal Composite Panel is made of fire rated core, sandwiched between stainless steel sheets(Grade 304 or 316 ) in thickness 0.3 mm or 0.5mm. bottom coils Could be stainless steel,aluminum, Galvanized Steel etc.
BrandYOOBONDTagsStainless Steel Composite Panel
Yoobond this kind of Aluminium Composite Panel is Composite by MDF( medium-density-fibreboard) Core ,Front Side with Aluminum Foils ,backside could be Aluminum or Just melamine fa...
BrandYOOBONDTagsAluminum MDF Composite Panel
Yoobond Decoration Composite Panel is a new type of high-quality material with metal composite panel ( or Solid Metal Panels ) as the base material laminated with decorative film.Y...
BrandYOOBONDTagsDecoration Composite Panels
Yoobond FRP( Fiber Reinforced Plastic) PP honeycomb composite panel is the combination of PP-honeycomb with FRP sheets results in a sandwich composite Panels.Surface finish could be Mirror and Matt.
BrandYOOBONDTagsAluminum PP Honeycomb composite Panels
Aluminum honeycomb panel is a bonded sandwich structure system of two surface aluminium Sheets and Aluminum honeycomb cores with a special adhesive.The honeycomb technology is from aerospace technology.
BrandYOOBONDTagsA2 Grade Aluminum Honeycomb composite Panels
Yoobond Aluminum corrugated panel is a kind of aluminum composite Materials manufactured by using aluminum sheet as its front sheet and corrugated core as its core material, by sel...
BrandYOOBONDTagsAluminum Corrugated Composite Panels
Yoobond Aluminum PVC foamed panel is a new eco-friendly material.It was consisted in two side coated coils composite with foamed PVC core by New Technology ,Aluminum Foam PVC sheet...
BrandYOOBONDTagsAluminum PVC Foamed Composite Panels
YOOBOND B1 FR Core aluminum composite panels are made with a fire-resistant core, and two layers of aluminum sheets.It is one kind of decorative material and can reach Class B1 gra...
BrandYOOBONDTagsAluminum Composite Panels
YOOBOND Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is an improved honeycomb panel that does not incur the expensive unit price of aluminum honeycomb panel but much lighter and slimmer than the latter.
BrandYOOBONDTagsAluminum Core Composite Panels
YOOBOND A2 FR Core Metal Composite Panel is a composite panel consisting of two layers of anti-rust high strength Metal Sheets and one layer of natural inorganic mineral material core .
BrandYOOBONDTagsA2 FR Core Metal Composite Panels
YOOBOND Aluminum Composite Panel possess the characteristic as the light weight and the high rigidity In transport vehicle Industry. Due to the lightweight construction, the CO2 em...
BrandYOOBONDTagsTransport Aluminum Composite Panel
Yoobond Corporate Sign Aluminum Composite Panels are widely used for Petrol Station,4S Car Shop Front, Chain system Stores with Single or Multi-colors. which satisfy various design needs and makes the cost of processing much cheaper.
BrandYOOBONDTagsCorporate Sign Aluminum Composite Panel
Signage /Digital printing Panel is the perfect and most versatile substrate for the Signage industry as it is extremely flat, lightweight and rigid. Our polyester coated Panel Shee...
BrandYOOBONDTagsAluminum Composite Panel
Golf Laser DiastimaterLH-D800; LH-D1200AHProducts Advantage:Long Distance Measure, Maximum can reach to 1200mAngle Compensation FunctionExcellent StabilitySpecification:Item No: L...
BrandGolf Laser DiastimaterTagsGolf Laser Diastimater
With Flag Mode Golf Laser DiastimeterSpecification:Laser Type: 905nm-First Degree safe laser6X amplificationMeasure Distance: 5 –800Yard, Flag Measure Mode: 5-230YardAccuracy: +-1YardReaction Rate: 0.
BrandWith Flag Mode Golf Laser DiastimeterTagsWith Flag Mode Golf Laser Diastimeter
Outdoor Laser DiastimeterITEM NO: LH-D1000  LH-D1500AHADVANTAGE:1. Maximum Measure Distance can reach to 1500m2. Long-distance Priority Function3. Good StabilitySpecificationLaser...
BrandOutdoor Laser DiastimeterTagsOutdoor Laser Diastimeter
Muti-function Project Laser DiastimeterItem No: LH-D1600AH  LH-D2000AHAdvantage:1. Long Distance Measure: High Reflectance Object can reach to 2000m (maximum);2. High Accuracy: Accuracy can reach to 0.
BrandMuti-function Project Laser DiastimeterTagsMuti-function Project Laser Diastimeter
BrandTwo-dimension Laser RadarTagsTwo-dimension Laser Radar