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Product Details
YTD83 Series Pleated Filter Cartridge
YTD83 Series Pleated Filter Cartridge
Product Description of Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge
YTD83 Series—Pleated membrane cartridge high throughput filter cartridge has a variety of membrane material and filtering accuracy for you to choose. With high flow speed, low pressure difference, wide range of chemical compatibility features. It has excellent performance in LED monitor production of water usage filtration, during the production process of wet conditions. Such as the bottom board cleaning, the rigid, DI water flushing, etc., the water flow volume can reach 100L/min.
Performance features of Filtration Cartridge
Many membrane material and filtration accuracy to choose.
Large filtration area, long service life.
High flow volume, low pressure difference.
Low filtration cost.
Solvents and chemical raw materials
Ink and paint
High purity solution in electronics industry
High temperature liquid.
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