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Coalescence Filter Cartridge
Coalescence Filter Cartridge
Description of Filtration Cartridge
Droplets of oil, water and other liquids are captured by the microfibers inside the coalescer. These micron-sized fibers form a tortuous path to the airflow, forcing solid particles and liquid droplets to collide in inertia, diffusion intercept and direct interception. Under the action of the filtration mechanism,Hydraulic Filter is captured by the ultrafine fibers, and the surface tension of the liquid causes the small droplets to coalesce into larger droplets, and the large droplets settle to the bottom of the container due to gravity.
The glass fiber coalescing filter element is made of high-density gradient glass fiber. It is designed as a monolithic tube structure to reduce damage and leakage. The surface of the filter element is treated with hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment to meet various precision grade requirements.
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