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FRP Groove and Boxes
FRP Groove and Boxes
Hebei Weitong FRP Co., Ltd. is a first-class fiberglass manufacturing and marketing enterprise in China, which is specialized in FRP Pipe, FRP Desulfurization Tower, FRP Mold, FRP Chimney, FRP Grating, FRP Storage Tank, FRP Corrosion Protection, FRP Groove and Boxes, FRP Septic Tank, FRP Bridge Support, FRP Cable Tray, FRP Fan, GRE Pipe System.
The FRP square groove and box can be customized and the size is flexible.
FRP products will be based on our previous experience in the selection of vinyl resin in the material selection, the reinforcement material is a reasonable combination of alkali-free and non-woven continuous fiber yarn, there is a wide variety of manufacturing processes.
-light weight
-no rust
-no leakage
-wide application range
-long service life
-beautiful appearance
-convenient installation
-simple cleaning and maintenance,
-strong adaptability, etc.

It is widely used in hotels, schools, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises and institutions. , residential buildings, office buildings.
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