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FRP Cement Mortar Pipe
FRP Cement Mortar Pipe
FRP cement-lined pipe includes FRP pipe, concrete layer and steel layer, which is a one-piece pipe. The first end and the end of the pipe are respectively provided with an interface and a socket, and an annular sealing groove is arranged on the interface, and a pair of size rubber rings is equipped; the socket is formed by a bell mouth type and an interface. The outer surface of the inner liner is sprinkled with a diamond particle composite layer.
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-High strength
-Strong resistance to external load, can be directly buried,
-Used for direct burial under the driveway, no need concrete protective layer, can accelerate the construction progress of cable engineering.
-The pipe is flexible and equipped with a flexible joint, external pressure and pressure caused by uneven settlement of the foundation.
-It has strong anti-corrosion ability and can resist the corrosion of corrosive soil and fluid such as various acids, alkalis, high hydrochloric acid and sewage.
-No eddy current loss and electric corrosion, good insulation, which is conducive to cable laying and operation.
-It has good flame retardant and heat resistance and does not deform under long-term use at high temperature.
-The inner wall is smooth and burr-free and will not scratch the cable.
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