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switchable pdlc film switchable pdlc film switchable pdlc film switchable pdlc film
Rushui is proud to be the largest PDLC manufacturer in China. High-performance smart glass and smart film have occupied 80% of the Chinese market and exported to any corner of the world.
Senior technical specialist team and advanced equipment ensures the ultra-high transparency and long operation life.

Self cling Switchable PDLC Film

The smart switchable pdlc film can be used as the sandwich of architectural glass or the inner and outer lamination. Through the adjustment of incoming light and the barrier of thermal energy, the solution to control the heat entering and exiting through the window can be realized. It can automatically change color as needed, and no need to use indoor shading curtain or outdoor external shading grid for shading or heat insulation.

1. Save energy and improve comfort level

The smart pdlc film should achieve obvious energy saving effect and improve the comfort level. This depends on a control system that can be precisely regulated. Through the sensor and intermediate controller connected with the intelligent switchable film, the transmittance of the smart pdlc film can be adjusted according to the external light, so as to not only prevent excessive sunlight to reduce cooling energy consumption, but also to meet the requirements of visual comfort. Meanwhile, sunlight can be introduced as far as possible to reduce lighting energy consumption, so as to achieve the optimization of energy efficiency and user experience.

Second, increase the function

Because smart move light membrane commercialization of early generation of product function is relatively single, only control between on and off, we shall present the high polymer material by co-extrusion, stretch film, two-way stretching, or surface treatment, coating, coating, printing, compound, cutting, such as processing and manufacturing, given its strength, heat resistance, mechanical, electronic, optical, gas character such as isolation, make its versatility that smart film.

Third, reduce the cost

Before smart film cost is too high, not easy to generate revenues, now need to make precise controller, light transmittance converting speed faster, in opaque state to avoid color, dimming range is bigger, reduce the cost of its production to make product design is more general, so as to adapt to different user, different climate condition, the requirement of different hvac systems.

At present, the value of intelligent switchable film products is not only reflected in the reduction of energy costs, but more importantly in load management and user comfort, only this can attract the attention of consumers. According to the above three points, the product can be changed into a low cost, high comfort and flexibility, which can not only cope with various shapes of surface, but also be integrated into wearable devices, such as color-changing camouflage clothing and other inexpensive switchable film.
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