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Product Details
Commercial ESS Lithium-ion Battery System
Commercial ESS Lithium-ion Battery System
 Systems are flexibly configured to support various capacity and voltage request
 The battery module consists of prismatic aluminum LFP cells which can be flexibly connected in series or parallel according to requirements
 Touch screen display monitoring the state of the system and each battery cell
 Equipped with adaptive equalization BMS, CAN and RS485 communication
 Frequency Regulation, Peak Load Shifting, UPS, Movable Power Station
 Lithium iron phosphate battery Energy Storage System for UPS
 LFP battery Energy Storage System for Data Center
 Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System for Telecom
 Li-Ion Battery Energy Storage System for Business Center
 Lithium iron phosphate Battery system for Hospital
 Lithium iron phosphate Battery Pack for Home using
 High C-Rate LFP Battery System for Subway
 High C-Rate Li-Ion Battery System for Train Station
 Integrated Lithium-ion Battery System for Grid connection
 Integrated Lithium iron phosphate Battery System for Off-grid connection
 Integrated Li-Ion Battery System for PV system
 Integrated Battery System for Solar system
 Multifunctional Battery System for Multifunctional PCS
 Lithium iron phosphate battery with BMS for Wind turbine
 Lithium-Ion Battery system with BMS for State Grid
 Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet with BMS for Energy Storage system
 Lithium-Ion Battery Rack with BMS for Warehouse Backup power supply
 High C-Rate Lithium-Ion Battery System

 Outstanding C-Rate performance, Available up to 2C charge and 4C discharge
 Compared  with lead-acid battery, less volume, less weight, longer life cycle, much less capacity needed to fit 15-30 minutes discharge applications
 Modular system with standard modules convenient for maintenance  and expansion
 Systems parallelizable
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