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WSD-VZF(R)-27 Handcart Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Load Switch
WSD-VZF(R)-27 Handcart Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Load Switch
Main uses and scope of application
WSD-VZF(R) -27/630-25 removable vacuum load switch + fuse combination electrical appliances (hereinafter referred to as combination electrical appliances) is a new generation of three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 27kV indoor switchgear developed according to unique design concept and market demand. It is widely used in indoor armoured air insulated switchgear. It meets the requirements of GB3804-2004, GB16926-1997 and other standards. Under normal operating conditions, as long as the technical parameters of the vacuum switch are within the range, it can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the corresponding voltage level of the power grid.
Environmental Conditions for Use
The ambient temperature should not be higher than + 40℃, not lower than – 10℃ (storage and transportation allowed at – 30℃)
Elevation does not exceed 1500m.
Relative humidity: the daily average is not more than 95%, the monthly average is not more than 90%, the daily average of saturated vapor pressure is not more than 2.2 x 10-3 Mpa, and the monthly average is not more than 1.8 x 10-3 Mpa.
Earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees.
No fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.
Primary structure
   The VZF (R) -27 series combination electric apparatus combines current limiting fuse and vacuum interrupter organically by means of "fixed pole" to form a series circuit. The vacuum switch body (vacuum interrupter) is responsible for switching on and off various load currents and overload currents, and the current limiting fuse is responsible for the breaking of short circuit currents.
Overall structure of High Voltage Vacuum Load Switch
The pole pole and the actuator are arranged in one form, which simplifies the transmission link, makes the output characteristics of the mechanism more in line with the load characteristics required by the vacuum switch, reduces the energy consumption and improves the mechanical reliability.
The three-phase pole of a combined electrical appliance is formed by an automatic pressure gel process (APG) to form a "F" pole. The pole column structure avoids the influence of dust and temperature on the insulation of the vacuum arc extinguishing outdoor, reduces the pollution of the shell of the arc chamber, and improves the reliability; the three-phase fuse is installed on the top of the "F" pole, and the structural design takes full account of the electric field of the vacuum switch in the middle switch cabinet. Distribution greatly reduces the adverse effects of inductive components on cabinet withstand voltage test, and improves the insulation strength of cabinet products.
Operating mechanism
The operating mechanism adopts the VS1 spring operating mechanism with the largest consumption in the existing market. Through long-term use and improvement, the performance of the mechanism has been very stable and reliable.
Assembly and Maintenance
The assembly and maintenance of the combined electric appliance are relatively time-saving and labor-saving because of its fixed type and stable and reliable operation mechanism.
Indoor high voltage vacuum load switch is widely used in indoor armored air-insulated switchgear. The Load Switch meets the requirements of GB3804-2004, GB16926-1997 and other standards.
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