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WSD-YBW series Prefabricated Substation
WSD-YBW series Prefabricated Substation
WSD-YBW series Prefabricated Substation is a series of products designed and developed by our company. This series of products is a complete set of distribution equipment which combines medium-voltage switchgear, transformer and low-voltage distribution equipment according to a certain wiring scheme.
This series of prefabricated substations are suitable for 24kV, rated frequency 50HZ three-phase AC system. The capacity of these substations is allocated to residential quarters, commercial buildings, hotels, large-scale construction sites, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises and temporary construction sites under 2500KA. They are suitable for power supply in ring network and terminal power supply.  
Functional characteristics
1. The whole box body is divided into four parts: the bottom floor, the frame, the top frame and the box cover. The frame and the top frame are assembled by steel structural parts. The outer shell can be made of coloured steel plate which conforms to the heat insulation plate or steel plate. The clapboard is made of coloured steel composite plate to prevent thermal radiation and thermal guidance between different types. The exposed structural parts are treated by strict acid washing, phosphating, spraying and other processes to ensure corrosion resistance, moisture and heat resistance, mildew resistance and strong outdoor weather resistance.
2. The sub-box structure is adopted to avoid oil pollution in transformer tank.
3. Adopt new louver structure, large area of heat dissipation and ventilation, suitable for areas with strong wind. V-shaped structure design can effectively prevent rainwater from entering while enhancing ventilation.
4. Low-voltage main switch adopts circuit breakers from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.
5. The transformer uses S11-M series fully sealed oil-immersed power transformer, which has the advantages of low loss, low noise and high efficiency. It can achieve good energy-saving effect and reduce pollution.
6. Substation has perfect protection performance, convenient operation, high and low voltage metering is optional, and can be equipped with automatic reactive power compensation device according to user's requirements.
IV. Working Conditions of prefabricated substations
 1. The ambient temperature should not be higher than + 40 C, not lower than - 25 C:
2. The altitude does not exceed 2000 m.
3. Outdoor wind speed does not exceed 35m/s;
4. Relative humidity of air does not exceed 90%(+25 C);
5. The horizontal acceleration is 0.4m/S2 and the vertical acceleration is 0.2m/s2.
6. No fire, no explosion danger, no serious pollution, no chemical corrosion and violent vibration places;
7. Special conditions of use, separate negotiation when ordering.
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