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Product Details
PTFE Micropowder TPD-605SA
etrafluoroethylene (PTFE) micro powder TPD 60 5SA is a kind of low molecular
weight white powder processed by special technology. It is suitable for customers who
have very high requirements for product fineness. It has excellent chemical
resistance, thermal stability, weather resistance, temperat ure resistance, non stickiness,
flame retardancy and self lubrication. It not only keeps the excellent properties of PTFE,
but also has many unique properties, good dispe rsibility and even blending, which can
improve the performance of the host materials. TPD 60 5SA can be used not only as solid
lubricant, but also as additives of high end lubricant and grease , non stick coatings, etc.
Free of PFOA
Excellent chemical resistanc e
Excellent thermal stability
Excellent d ispersibility, miscibility and smoothness
Improve re coaitng and non stickness of non stick coatings
Used for thickening grease and improving surface lubricity
Technical Index
Typical Value
Average Particle Size,
µm D50:
Maximum Particle Size,
µm ≤
3 0
Whiteness ≥
9 5
Melting point
Used as additives in h igh end lubricating oil, high load and low speed grease for
transmission machinery .
Used as add itives in coatings, such as fluorocarbon coatings with high corro sion
Use Mothod
Lubricating grease and Non-stick coatings: 0.1%-8.0%, high-speed stirring is needed to
achieve the best dispersion effects.
In order to maintain good dispersion and blending property of PTFE micropowder, it can
be treated in oven below 120℃ before use.
Environmental friendly carton drum lined with PE bag, net weight 20kg/drum.
Transporation & Storage
Transported as non-dangerous cargo.
Avoid severe vibration and high temperature sunshine during transportation.
Stored in cool, dry, dark and ventilated place, avoid moisture.
Shelf Life
3 years.
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