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Product Details
Spun Polyester Sewing Thread
Spun polyester threads are produced by spinning together of the high tenacity and low elongation polyester fibers 1.2Dx38mm Bright or Semi-Dull into a single ply. Two or more plies are twisted to make a thread of the desired size. the former has the feature of few knot. Reverse SZ twist, specifically twisted for sewing thread. It can also be used for embroidery, quilting, weaving and knitting. The thinnest counts can also be used for cocoon and mini bobbins. It is presented in raw white (grey yarn) or in dope dyed optical white yarn. It is heat set (steam set) for best stabilization of the yarn.
It is presented in dye tubes, ready for dyeing. Very wide count range from thicker Ne 12/4 to thinner Ne 80/2
Package: Dyeing tube with 1.0kg, 1.25kg, 1.36kg, 1.4175kg, 1.89kg for raw white
Plastic Cone with 1000-5000m or as cunstomer’s requested for finished thread
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