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Plaster of Paris Production Line
Plaster of Paris Production Line
Plaster of Paris Production Line
Plaster of Paris Production Line
Plaster of Paris Production Line
Responsibility of Buyer and Seller
Prepared by Buyer
1.1 Machinery and tools for installation, commission and maintenance
1.2 Transportation tool:2 sets of forklifts
1.3 Power supply system
a. High-voltage power supply
b. Substation and distribution station
1.4. Water supply& storage and drainage system
1.5 Civil engineering: Building construction, equipment foundation(including pre-burying work), steel-concrete structure silos and pools.
1.6 Material used for making machine's platform and supporting frame of equipment
Provided by Buyer
2.1 Providing round-trip ticket and other transportation cost for the Seller's workers
2.2 Providing accommodation and all kinds of necessary extra charges for the Seller's workers during installation and commissioning and training period
2.3 Providing all necessary large tools for installation, such as crane, forklift, welder, acetylene& oxygen cutting machine, etc
2.4 Providing assistant workers to cooperate with the Seller's workers during installing according to the Seller's requirement
2.5 Usage permission for special equipment
Provided by Seller
2.1 Production equipment
2.2 Gypsum Board Production Line,
Providing installation guiding engineers and technical workers
2.3 Providing 1 team leaders and 1 interpreters
2.4 Providing equipment foundation drawings, general arrangement drawing of production line (layout plan, elevation drawing and side view drawing) within 40 days after receiving down payment
2.5 Providing equipments' operation manual during training
2.6 Providing main equipments' general assembly drawing, wiring diagram of control cabinets, PLC computer programs within 7 days after acceptance
2.7 The Seller is in charge of commissioning and training
a. Commissioning: the Seller shall send engineers and technical workers to plant site to do full-scale testing, and the Buyer shall also send assistant staff to cooperate with the Seller's people.
b. The Seller's workers in charge of commissioning will do performance operation, make on-site speeches and answer questions to Buyer's technicians and operation workers under training. During the whole process of testing, both sides shall work together. After Buyer's workers master operation technique, the Seller will hand over the whole running line to the Buyer's for operation and then the training work is finished.
2.8 Within one year after signing the Acceptance Certificate, the Seller shall provide technical consultation to the Buyer for free. If the Seller's people are asked to be on the site, the Buyer shall provide round-way tickets and accommodation abroad.
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