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Product Details
Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
The triple offset butterfly valve uses butterfly disc as the closing part to realize the operation of the valve through the rotation of the disc around the valve shaft. Large size valves can be made . Mainly used for cutting off the fluid ,this range of product is applicable for water,oil,gas and other corrosive substance with the temperature less than 425℃.
1.Manufactured with triple offset structure, the metal sealed butterfly valve can be tightly closed. When opened,the sealing surface can be completely separated from the medium,which protects the sealing surface from being damaged.
2.The valve seat is processed on the body of the triple offset butterfly valve directly, reducing the direct contact between the valve seat and the medium. So the erosion to he valve seat is reduced and its service life is prolonged.
3.The contact angle of the valve is larger than the locking degree of taper scope. So the blocking of the butterfly valve during operation can be avoided.
4.Made of overlaying alloy steel or satellite hard alloy, the sealing surface of the butterfly valve has longer service life due to the outstanding abrasion resistance.
Technical Specifications
Size: 2”~40”
Pressure: Class 150~Class 300
Body material: WCB(A105), CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L) etc.
Sealing material: Stainless steel,hard alloy etc.
Connection method: Flange,wafer, weld etc
Driving method: Worm gear,electric actuator,pneumatic actuator etc.
Water industry, power plant,petroleum industry,chemical industry etc.
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