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Graphene Carbon Floor Heating Film
Graphene Carbon Floor Heating Film
Graphene Carbon Floor Heating Film
Graphene Carbon Floor Heating Film
Graphene Carbon Floor Heating Film
Graphene Carbon Floor Heating Film

BOLI Graphene Infrared Heating fabric| Carbon fiber floor heating film is the perfect floor heat solution for an economical heating beneath laminated and wooden floor. It provides all the advantages of underfloor heating with a dry-laid system, easy and fast to install.

Adjustable Voltage Carbon Fiber Heating Film / Electric Heating Carbon Film Underfloor Heating
How The Soft Heating Film Work ?

Soft Heating-Film, based on far-infrared radiant heat, gives a longer heating effect than other heating systems. Far-infrared ray and anion are known to effectively suppress odors and growth of germs and boost the metabolism of the human body, not to mention providing a healthier environment.

How To Use The Soft Heating Film?

Application Under floating Floors
Application Under Tile Flooring

The Features Of Soft Heating Film


BOLI perforated film has a unique patented surface and woolly coating of NapTouch that allows to save up to 32% on construction mixes and characterizes material as resistant to alkaline influence of tiles adhesive or plaster. High adhesion (bond of surfaces) enables the system mounting under any decorative coating.


Are you allergic to dust? Using TTWARM you will not have intensive air flows which raise dust. It keeps the air clean and moderately dry.

BOLI doesn’t need a flame for ignition, therefore, there is no danger of CO2 or conduction accidents. So it is safe of use for children or elders. Adequate temperature heating, no need to inject convenient fuel, no worries about freezing in winter with triple safety devices.


Unlike radiator heating, TTWARM evenly warms up the premises, keeps optimum thermal balance of a human body.

BOLI HEATING system does not burn oxygen, provides comfortable warmth, keeps natural humidity of the air, minimizes static electricity.


Set comfortable and regular temperature – with TTWARM thermostat you will be able to do it in no time.
And also you can use the APP control it by your phone.

Well being heating system with the radiation heats from the infrared rays.
High efficiency and speedy heating is achieved. The carbon heating object on the film surface generate very warm infrared radiation heats and a large amount of anions to create an excellent heating effect.(The infrared radiated heat does not have a temperature difference in the upper/lower area. Compared to a flow type, it can give you a more refreshing heating effect at relatively low room temperature.)

No new house symptom or EMI that are harmful to humans.

All you need to do is to place heating film on the floor!
Consumer simply needs to insert it between the floor finishing material and the insulation material. Doesn’t it very easy? Installer doesn’t need to remove the existing floor, instead, place the film on top of it. Enjoy the best effect at a minimum effort and cost


Why choose the heating film for the floor and not a heating cable?

The heating film is evenly distributed in the floor (without gaps), which means that it better transfers heat onto the floor surface. Thermal control is also more precise. The heating cable can be installed only in the concrete layer. The heating film is installed directly under the flooring with all types of floor coverings (except for tiles). In addition, the installation of the film is much easier on principle and also faster in terms of your house construction.

Are heating films also suitable for apartments?

Definitely yes. They are a perfect solution for example for bathrooms where you want to have the floor heated up at the lowest possible cost.

Why does it seem to be cheaper than other methods of heating?

The reason is that it is cheaper. Cheaper than a majority of heating systems. Considering the basic parameters such as the investment and operating costs, speed and method of installation, precise and easy control, no failures and worries, absolutely no maintenance, no chimney and its revisions, no dangerous gas, no heat exchangers or any other facilities occupying the space in your house – you will not find any similar high-quality alternative for modern living at a comparable price.
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