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yoyik LVDT Position Sensor ZDET35B
The company has a large flow, high discharge pressure, good performance, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, special for the technical valve products. Our company's main products: hydraulic machinery and components, hydroelectric generating units; coal-fired generating units; generating units; electrical and electronic products processing; mechanical parts processing. Mainly engaged in the power industry host (steam turbine, water machine, boiler, turbine) accessories, spare parts, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and environmental protection equipment.
LVDT Position SensorZDET35B
oil filter WU-H100*80S
125LY-36 seal ring for 600MW units AC TOP
Turbine Rotation Speed MonitorHZQS-02H
DF311180-50-03-01 Probe+extension cable+preamplifier
ZHS40-4-N-03K Proximity switch
filter FBX-1000*30
EH oil main pump outlet filter (working) DP1A601EA03V/-W
filter HX.BH-40*20W
oil filter XU-A400*50FS
filter XU-225*80-J
DECJ0911 high strength insulating box
pressure hose SMS-10-1219-C
Accumulator bladder 10L OD190*H425MM φ22MM
stator cooling water pump DFB-80-80-240
filter NX-630*3
Servo CardFBM5VH
HP precision filter C9209031
Hot water Line valve actuator TR24-SR
LVDT Position SensorC9231129
pressure hose SMS-10/20-1829mm-B
Single stage centrifugal pump YCZ50-160-BXG
filter HX-800*5Q
main sealing oil pump KG70KY/7.5F4
JZJ-22-53 ZBK54019-88 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
AST/OPC solenoid valve coil CCP115D 115VAC 19W
solenoid valve D1VW020BVZP82XB510
globe throttle check valve LJC25C-2.5P
HY-SHV4.01Z globe valve
D210B-261000A024 Pin
floater tank float valve DN40
INLET VALVE Solenoid valve R900920691 4WE6D62/OFEG220N9K4, FD:68920
Backstroke filter BCD 005 (item 60) 910.472
Sensor6000TDG-15-01-01 0-300mm
pipe joint assembly WZK.W.31.D.0621
LVDT Position SensorZDET35B
RC861CZ090ZYMA59 Pressure switch
filter TZX2I-10*40
C9231124 LVDT sensor
filter TZX2.BH-800*20
Oring W.26.A.0568
water filter MSL-31
RC778NZ090ZSS Pressure switch
Gasket 03506-350/357/479 part no.:92
RTD (Pt-100) WZPM2-001, DZ3. 5.1-1995
HDJ-138 coating dipping adhesive
D1630.1210 Plug Valve Backing Ring
EH oil main pump WZK.W.02.2.000008
filter C13-110*250A30C-1
LVDT Position SensorZDET35B

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