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Yoyik Rotation Speed Sensor CS-3F
Dongfang Yoyik has advanced technology and equipment, with excellent management philosophy, fair and reasonable prices, high brand reputation. The product are sold to worldwide, and win many good reputation among users. It is worth you to buy. We sell a variety of domestic and international first-line brand. We also provide professional accessories of Dongfang Steam Turbine, Dongfang Electric Machinery, and Dongfang Boiler.
Rotation Speed SensorCS-3F
Air filter BDE200S2W2.X/-RV0.003
D421.51U15VA Speed braun card
Fuse 6.6kV XRNM1-7.2/100
filter oil station oil-return filter DR405EA03V/-W
Position SensorTD-1-100S
Wheel Blade Opening ControlLYK-11-1013
Thermowell WZPM2-201T
filter HX.BH-400*10Q
Speed probe BI5-M18-AN6X
sealing ring HB4-56J8-187
Thermal resistanceWZPK2-231-G1/PT100/300/6/0~250℃
Double thermal resistanceY47-241000C No.20
Level TransmitterCEL-3581A/GF
Eddy current signal converterCON021
70LY-34*3 guide coupling for 300MW unit main oil pump
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-22-29
solenoid valve 4WE10M3X/CG24NZ5L/B08
filter HX.BH-160*10W
SPIRAL WOUND GASKET A.304.G.0, (270.245.3, 0)
filter FBX-800*20
filter C12-80*250A25
OPC solenoid valve HQ16.110Z
Piston Ring HTZD125J.0-8
Signal TransmitterGJCF-15
Filter TL147
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-16.5-9A
JB/ZQ4605-86 U-shaped skeleton-free rubber oil seal spring
solenoid valve AS32061a-G220
Regulating valve 125ZXQ016L13UEXERH
Rotation Speed SensorCS-3F
Displacement sensor DET-200A
Floating Bearing Lockwasher Nash TC-26, 119-2
70LY-34*2-1 motor coupling for 300MW unit main oil pump
ion-exchange resin filter JCAJ043
filter FBX (TZ)-800*30
D00.040.177 M100*4*400 Inverted cone head bolt of high pressure cylinder combined face flange
PV5-10-0-35 Cartridge throttle valve
FL-II 3000A/75mV Excitation system distributor
filter CFRX-250*3Q
relief valve DGMC3PTCW41
DN25 Accumulator inlet globe valve
filter TZX-E160*3Q3
jacking oil pump outlet filter DQ8302GA10H3.5C
HSNH440-46NZ sealing oil pump
EH oil Circulating oil pump inlet filter DS101EA100V/W
servo valve W.01.J.0694
Sealing key D185A-041000A001
Rotation Speed SensorCS-3F

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