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YOYIK generator stator cooling water filter SGLQ-1000A
Our company is equipped with high-precision cutting-edge technology from Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC). Our products are mainly used in chemical industry, power plants, steel and other areas. Product types include sealant, insulation materials, filter, power plants, pumps, valves, sensors processing parts, bearings and other commodities.
filter TXX-63*100
EH oil Re-Circulating pump mechanical seal F3-V10-IS6S-1C-20
servo valve HY-SFF8.05
125LY-35-4 shaft for 300MW units AC LOP
filter HBX-25*3
filter GX-100*40
solenoid valve seat W.57.Z.000412
filter HX-40*20W
pressure hose SMS-15-2438mm-B
1Q4377 number 8 0.2*39.4*671 F-grade insulating glass fiber plate
Pressure SwitchRC771BZ097H
LP oil filter 21FC1421-160*400/25
Globe valve J41H-40DN32
TU790101 TU790100SMZY Shaft Sleeve Tu790100smzy
filter QYLX-63*20Q2
bellows globe valve (welded) WJ15F1.6P
225B-121CAAA Solenoid valve
filter CWU.PH-40*100-J
ZJ-22-T1 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
GV3 quick-close solenoid valve 14YV
Excitation AVR Power SupplyACE-716C
5NN-K5-M4-CIA Pressure switch
pressure hose SMS-10-1524-B
filter QF9703GA03H3.5C
LVDT Position SensorTDZ-1B-05
filter BR110
pressure hose SMS-10/N1/4-610mm-C
filter 3700325
ZS-05 Proximity switch
TD-3000 0-150mm LVDT sensor
ZJ-20-8 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
solenoid valve 8327B001
WRNK2-291(Φ5.L=800, indexing K) Armoured thermocouple
5000TD 0-250mm sensor
300MW turbine D20 main oil pump guide vane
DET-100B LVDT displacement sensor
C9231122 LVDT sensor
DF-KTV1-1 0204 Signal transducer card
439991-QAJ053 Pressure switch
filter CFRX-630*10Q
D00.160.012 COACH SPRING-2
filter TZX-E63*5Q3
AST solenoid valve ZD.02.004
filter TZX2-630*1
Turbine TSI Safety MonitorA6120
JG-950-1 man-hole packing gasket
filter YWUX-40*180

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