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YOYIK precision filter WU6300*860
Deyang Dongfang Yoyik is located in Deyang, Sichuan, which has convenient transportation and varieties of homemade products and brands. Our company is committed to the development of heat-resistant materials. Our company's products cover a variety of high quality requirements. We sell both domestic and foreign brands, cheap, durable.

HKB-M27*1.5-1212-02X Mechanical breaking valve
directional vavle GS061600V
CIO Input/Output CardPC D235
300MW turbine D3.6A DC Emergency pump impeller
shutdown electromagnet W.49.A.0007
HSNH280-46N mechanical seals for sealing oil pump
CPU boardPCA-6743VE
oil filter WU-H250*50FS
main oil pump C9602005
filter NX-25*10
filter SPX-10*10
Diaphragm valve HY-GMV10.02
LVDT Position SensorTDZ-1-41
oil filter ZUI-A25*10S
filter TZX2I-10*5
ASHCROFT Temperature SwitchRANGE:65-125℃, SERAIL NO.D8004256, CAT No.LTDN4GG10A7030
globe throttle check valve KJC80-1.6P
EH oil supply device filter HTGY6E.0
LVDT Position SensorTD-1 0-1000
oil filter WU-H40*80S
globe throttle check valve LJC40-2.5P
filterprecision filter SH006
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-36
1202648 The self-locking type flow regulating valve
filter HX-40*40Q
oil filter CFRI-1100*30
precision filter WU6300*860
Solenoid valve G531C002MS
filter HX.BH-160*10
ABB Oxygen analyzer AZ20/.
filter AP1E101-01D03V/-W
oil filter ZU-H100*10S
filter TZX2-10*20
oil filter JWU-25*180LYZ
HP ball valve HQ14.51Z
sealing oil vacuum pump 30-WSRP
mannual bellows globe valve 32FWJ1.6P
Recirculating oil pump mechanical seal HSNH280-43NZ
filter WY800*20Q2
oil filter WU-H63*40S
32 mm Eddy Current SensorPR6426/010-010
Circulating oil pump filter 0110R010BN3HC
shutdown electromagnet 3YV
stator cooling water filter WFF-125-1
13N2541-3 Superheater Antifriction Bearing
filter STZX2-160*40
non-return valve 515A1 G3/4
precision filter WU6300*860

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